Symposia, Seminars, etc.

We organize and hold under joint sponsorship public symposia and seminars to deepen mutual understanding among relevant persons in judicial, legal, and scientific sectors in Japan and Asian countries, including countries receiving our support, in the field of civil and commercial law.

Japan-China Civil and Commercial Law Seminar

Every year since its establishment in 1996, the Foundation has held seminars alternately in Japan and China, where the shift to a market economy is now in full swing. These seminars are a way of enhancing our understanding of China with particular reference to the complementary fields of civil and commercial law. As well as providing participants with up-to-the-minute information from Chinese experts on prevailing trends in the reform of China's legal system, this also gives Chinese attendees the opportunity to learn about Japan's legal system.

Japan-China Civil and Commercial Law Seminar, Held in November 2019 (Tokyo)

Symposia on Legal Systems in Asia-Pacific Countries

We hold symposia relating to the fields of civil and commercial law, with the participation of academics, lawyers, and businesspeople from Asia-Pacific countries. These symposia are where we announce the results of research on the legal systems of Asia-Pacific countries.

Seminar in Kanazawa on International Civil and Commercial Laws

We hold seminars for the purpose of exchanging information related to business laws in Asia and Southeast Asia regions and of exchanging opinions and information about the need for support for development of laws in the fields of business and economic law and about the possibility of cooperation between donors in the said regions, inviting experts from Japan and foreign countries. In fiscal 2021, we held a seminar on the theme of “Expanding into Southeast Asia – after overcoming the pandemic” in Kanazawa City, Japan.

Asia Business Law Forum

The Asia Business Law Forum (ABLF) was established in fiscal 2019, and the Foundation was one of its founders. Its purpose is to play a role as three bridges between Asia and Japan, between the public (courts and the Ministry of Justice, etc.) and private sector (lawyers, academics, and personnel in charge of legal affairs), and among generations, to share knowledge of Asian law from business law to human rights, and to provide a place where people can have diversified discussions (forum). In 2021, three symposia were held, including one on the theme “International Arbitration and Mediation – trials of Asia to resolve business disputes."