Prospectus for the Establishment of ICCLC

Countries in and around Asia, especially those belonging to NIES and ASEAN, have made remarkable progress in economic development and globalization. Since the end of the cold war, however, a few countries remain which are attempting to convert to a market economy and expand their presence in international markets.

In some instances, countries converting to a market economy may be experiencing some difficulties in their attempts to foster international economic activity possibly because their legal systems do not function properly due to the lack of a systematic development of their civil and commercial law structures and the lack of required know-how and human resources. Some of these countries are seeking aid and assistance for development of their legal infrastructure through the government of this country.

It is believed that the development of civil and commercial laws and a workable overall legal infrastructure requisite for promoting international economic activity in these countries will contribute to the prosperity of these countries and will have significance for our country as well.

At the same time, with respect to NIES and ASEAN countries, it is desirable that we mutually cultivate an understanding of each country's legal system and its application and encourage mutual research on a better legal structure for international economic activity in order to promote and facilitate further economic interaction and mutual prosperity.

This foundation therefore has been established for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding of the legal structures for international economic activity, in collaboration with the government of this country, through our assistance to these countries in developing their legal systems by sharing experience and know-how on this country's legal system and its application which this country has accumulated over the years, in part through the interaction of its people with those of other countries.

History of the ICCLC

1996 March 28 Meeting of Founder Members
  April 16 Establishment of ICCLC approved by the Minister of Justice
  April 24 Registration of ICCLC's establishment applied for
  May 22 Inaugural Board Meeting and Opening Ceremony held
1998 July 16 Authorized by the Minister of Justice as a Specific Public Interest
2013 April 1 Registration of “Public Interest Incorporated Foundation”