Public Relations and Announced Materials

The Foundation’s website (https: // contains a lot of information, including the following:
- Foundation’s activities and financial condition, including the details of board meetings and council meetings, the business plan and budgets, business reports, financial results, in the bulletin “ICCLC”
- Deliverables, such as seminars and symposia, in the form of the newsletter “ICCLC NEWS”
- Materials relating to operations and financial affairs
- Articles contributed by the Foundation’s officers

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New Members Welcome

■Corporate members annual subscriptions

The fee is 200,000 yen per membership, with a minimum of one membership per company. For inquiries about joining, please contact the Secretariat.

■Public Interest Corporation

ICCLC has been granted Public Interest Corporation status by the Prime Minister.

Date of Authorization renewed March 18th, 2013
Date of Registration April 1st, 2013