Public Relations and Announced Materials

Public Relations and Announced Materials

Our website ( contains a lot of information, including the following:
- activities and financial condition of the Foundation, including the details of board meetings
  and council meetings, the business plan and budgets, business reports and financial results,
  in the bulletin “ICCLC”,
- Deliverables, such as seminars and symposia, in the form of the newsletter “ICCLC NEWS”,
- Materials relating to operations and financial affairs of the Foundation,and
- Articles contributed by the Foundation’s officers


New Members Welcome

■Financial status of the Foundation

Basic Assets
 Donations from 25 founding companies
50.00 million yen
Operating capital 73.53 million yen
 Foundation members annual subscriptions 20.90 million yen
 Income from JICA 52.63 million yen
  (Fiscal 2019)

■Foundation members annual subscriptions

The fee is 200,000 yen per membership, with a minimum of one membership per company. For inquiries about joining, please contact the Secretariat.

■Public Interest Incorporated Foundation

ICCLC has been granted Public Interest Corporation status by the Prime Minister.

Date of Authorization renewed March 18th, 2013
Date of Registration April 1st, 2013