Studies and Research

We commission research on specific topics in the field of civil and commercial law in Asia-Pacific countries and also assemble related literature and materials.

Research on Legal Systems in Asian and Pacific Countries

With support mainly from academics, lawyers, and businessmen in the Kansai area of Japan, study groups have been formed and research has, so far, been conducted on various themes of Legal system for insolvency, Security Law, ADR, Intellectual Property Rights, International Corporate Law, Shareholders’ Lawsuit, Audit Systems, Provision Systems of corporate information, and Corporate Governance in Asian and Pacific countries.
Since fiscal 2018, we have been conducting a three-year study on business practices in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia relating to corporation law, including shareholders’ agreements, stock systems, and EXIT from Joint Venture.

      Research Results Already Published
      1. Legal System for Insolvency in Asian and Pacific Countries
      2. Corporate Bankruptcy and Security Law in Asian and Pacific Countries
      3. ADR in Asian and Pacific Countries Now and in the future
      4. Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Asian Countries
      5. Japan's Perspective on International M&A in Asian Countries
      6. Current state of Shareholders' Lawsuit system in Asia and Shareholder Protection
      7. Current State and Challenges of Audit Systems in Asia
      8. Current State and Challenges of Provision Systems of corporate information
      9. Corporate governance in four countries in Southeast Asia

Japan-Korea Partnership Joint Research

Since 1999, five program participants each from the Korea's Supreme Court and Japan's Ministry of Justice have met to conduct joint research, mainly on the civil law administration system. As well as holding alternating one-week discussions for experts from each country in Seoul and then in Tokyo, training sessions and the observation of practical work are also conducted.

Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

The Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights approved by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights are penetrating the international community as global criteria for business practices which are now sought by all countries and companies regarding business and human rights. The Foundation makes public on its website the translation of the companies’ responsibilities section of the Guidance on Interpretation drawn up by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to carry out enlightenment activities to a wide range of parties, including companies that are developing business in various countries in Asia. The Foundation has drawn up the Guidance on Companies’ Responsibilities and Interpretation regarding Respect for Human Rights and made that Guidance public as well.

Joint Research Related to Support for the Development of Laws

In connection with support for the development of laws, the Foundation is cooperating with Japan’s Ministry of Justice in joint research with Asian countries. In fiscal 2019, joint research was conducted for Mongolia, Myanmar, and East Timor.